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Music Therapy and MS Music Therapy and MS

Music Therapy and MS

Music therapy is music—and so much more…

Music stirs human emotion and spurs changes in our brains that can cause powerful sensations and physical reactions.

Music therapy harnesses the power of music and has been used as part of comprehensive management plans for people living with central nervous system (CNS) diseases like multiple sclerosis (MS) for years.
Research suggests that it may be beneficial in terms of the impact it has on both physical and mental function.

If you’re hearing about music therapy for the first time, you may be wondering where it might fit as you work toward a treatment plan. While only your MS healthcare team can advise you on the management of your disease, educating yourself on interventions like music therapy can give you something to talk about with them the next time you meet.

Explore videos for your body, mind, and soul (you don’t need to be “musical” to do it!)

Music therapy for your body Music therapy for your body


Learn about how music therapy may positively impact motor function in people with MS

Explore Body videos
Music therapy for your mind Music therapy for your mind


See how music therapy may help improve long-term memory storage and recall in people with MS

Discover Mind videos
Music therapy for your soul Music therapy for your soul


Discover how music therapy may have a positive effect on some emotional challenges associated with MS

Experience Soul videos

We hope you enjoy the videos on this site. Please just remember that they’re not a substitute for individualized sessions with a credentialed music therapist.

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